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I'm Back! (Kind of.)

bittermause September 28th, 2018, 5:44 pm
Well hello everyone,
It's been over three years since I've updated The Shufflers on this platform. A lot has happened since of course; I finally graduated from college, currently working as a barista trying to keep my head above water in the dreaded job pool everyone seems to be drowning in these days.

But hey, if you'd like a bit of a recap as to what is going on with The Shufflers now, please read this post;

So October 8th, I will be closing down the main website for re-construction, and In the meantime I will be populating the old episodes here on Smackjeeves!

Unfortunately, I won't be active beyond posting all of the old episodes. I'm mainly doing this so it'll give something to tide the readers over while they wait for the site's re-opening.

I will definitely give you all a heads up once the site is back up and running!

For now, I hope you all enjoy the backlog from three years ago.

- BM

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