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The Shufflers is an ongoing web comic series about a surly Cartomancer that can manipulate the fate of his clients, and a drifting witch with the ability to teleport into his own private world of night and snowfall through his curtain cloth. This series revolves around their friendship, and their relationships with other mancers, witches, and non-magic folk in a neo-victorian inspired world. Art and Writing by Emily (Alien Drugged), with story/character contribution by Yuki (Gorge, Fishbones)
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I'm Back! (Kind of.) September 28th, 2018, 5:44 pm
Well hello everyone,
It's been over three years since I've updated The Shufflers on this platform. A lot has happened since of course; I finally graduated from college, currently working as a barista trying to keep my head above water in the dreaded job pool everyone seems to be drowning in these days.

But hey, if you'd like a bit of a recap as to what is going on with The Shufflers now, please read this post;

So October 8th, I will be closing down the main website for re-construction, and In the meantime I will be populating the old episodes here on Smackjeeves!

Unfortunately, I won't be active beyond posting all of the old episodes. I'm mainly doing this so it'll give something to tide the readers over while they wait for the site's re-opening.

I will definitely give you all a heads up once the site is back up and running!

For now, I hope you all enjoy the backlog from three years ago.

- BM
Welcome! December 21st, 2014, 3:27 pm
Welcome to The Shuffler's SmackJeeves page! This account acts as a mirror to the main website,

This page will not be updated as frequently as the main host, so if you like the comic and have a Tumblr account, I highly recommend following the comic there instead. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy!
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